Richard Chandler

Manager at Boston Film Family, LLC:

Creative Director

Produced/directed seven feature films, some of which have appeared on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu. These films include, Parts Unknown, Witch Hunt, Gilgamesh, Scrooge in the Hood, the Lilith Trilogy.

Other producer/director credits include segments for the international anthology films 60 Seconds to Die, 2 Die For, and Grindsploitation.

General knowledge of cinema lighting, lenses, cameras, and other technical gear.

Experienced in post-production processes.

Manager of large groups of people, both in pre-production and on set.

Manages social media accounts across every major platform. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)


Experienced with Nikon D750 (Able to work with other camera models). Lenses: 50mm 1.4, 24mm, 28-70mm 2.8, 90mm 2.8 macro, 70-300mm, 6mm

Owns constant lights, studio strobes, quasars.

Experienced with weddings, portraits, promo, and fashion photography.

Specialty in cinematic lighting styles.

Video Edior, Videographer

Programs with great experience: Adobe Premier, Photoshop

Videography gear: Owns BlackMagic Cinema, Panasonic HMC-150, Nikon D750, pro tripod, shoulder mount, follow focus

Other skills: Sound mixing, color grading

Producer, Director, Writer

Additional Personnel: If further services are required, I have a wide variety of industry professionals that can be hired as well. Including, but not limited to: on set jobs (such as grips, camera operators, art design, sound recordists, property masters), wardrobe design, cosmetics/hair, and talent. And of course, services can be hired for post-production such as graphics and CGI work.

Gear List



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